Saturday, November 01, 2008

i'm not not doing this

Wow. Three weeks since I last posted. That may be a record. As usual, it's not for lack of adventure or access that I have been so distant. It may be from lack of inspiration. But mostly, I think, it's from sheer laziness.

So when I realized it was indeed November already, the official "Mo" of NaBloPoMo, I thought, "Hell no." It's not like I've ever successfully completed a NaBloPoMo challenge. And each of my (failed) efforts to post daily has been followed by another month of near nothingness, so does it really benefit you, my imaginary readers? Not likely.

And yet. Here I am. Minutes before the close of the first day, posting for the sake of posting.

Though tonight's post distinctly has no direction or theme, I have realized that I could get some mileage just by catching up on my seal stories. I don't think I've told one since July. If I separate my patients (which I'll likely have to research now, it's been so long), I could fill about half the month. Plus business has been heating up lately (uncharacteristically late in the season), and I even have some cutie-pie fur seals to tell you about. Mostly, though, it was a bleak summer filled with sloppy seconds and doomed patients. Perhaps a source of some of my stagnation? Anyway, the only reason I'm awake now is that I just got back from administering pain meds (in the rain) to a would-be shark snack, woefully named AshRebel. His wounds don't look all that grim, though, so I can't figure out why he's so miserable. But mine is not to wonder why. Mine is to avoid getting bitten.

Then, of course, there is my gripping obsession with my law school application cycle. Having no control over my destiny is virtually killing me. I do have one potential hurdle left, one last interview that I hope to be granted, and so I focus on willing it into existence. Each Friday I wake up and check my empty email inbox for a love letter from Toby Stock, Assistant Dean for Admissions at Harvard Law School. I didn't expect to get any sugar from Harvard this early in the process (if ever), but it seems that the folks who are getting the calls have numbers very similar to my own. But, really, I realize that waiting hardly makes for rivoting reading.

Oh, but I do have one victory under my belt. My first acceptance came from good old Georgetown. Granted, I nearly didn't apply to Georgetown (since my dad went to Villanova and they are basketball rivals), and, sure, we all know it's one of my safety schools, but the invitation to enroll sure did warm my heart. It even came with a handwritten note saying that my personal statement was "beautifully written." So, see, I can write beautifully - just not for you.

Sorry about that.

So we'll see. Maybe I can at least write often. No promises, though. I think it is the commitment that kills me.

For now I am off to bed cuz pain meds only last six hours so I'm back to work at the crack of dawn.